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About - Mansell Mining And Shotcrete Services

 Originally established to provide work for Mt Isa Mines, the business now carries out many other services to other operations in the region.

Our work is of a specialised nature, and no mine can operate without ground support or ventilation. The main task of Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services is to provide ground support both under and above ground, and the installation of various forms of ventilation.

Our purposely built Roboshot Midjet Mark 4 Shotcrete machine is our newest piece of equipment. It applies Shotcrete by remote control application. Shotcrete is a mix of concrete and either steel or plastic fibre, and is sprayed onto the surface to form ground support.

Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services have been involved in the design and construction of various capital works for Mt Isa Mines, and have also been contracted to undertake projects at the Lady Loretta, Mt Gordon and Osborne mines.

Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services have always proven to perform tasks in an innovative, safe and efficient manner with our main focus on our ability to produce quality workmanship.

With strong growth in the mining industry in Queeensland, Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services is geared to discuss your project requirements. Contact our office for further information on how we can be of service to you.

Phone +61 (07) 4634 2911


Mansell Mining & Shotcrete Services