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Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services were established in 1999 to provide niche services to the mining sector.

Based in Mt Isa, our principal focus has been to spray shotcrete in underground mines. Shotcrete is a specialised form of concrete which prevents smaller rock working loose from a rock face, replacing the conventional meshing and bolting methods. Most of our work has been with Mt Isa Mines, but recently we have expanded to include above ground work for the Mt Isa Water Board at the Water Reservoir, work on the ventilation shaft at the Mt Gordon mine and we are refurbishing the primary crusher at the Osborne Mine. We have also sprayed the Portal Box Cut at the Lady Loretta Mine.

The bulk of the work for Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services is in the copper mine for Mt Isa Mines, with the main task, the installation of various forms of ventilation, such as Vent and Wet fill Bulkheads, Drop Board Regulators, QBC Flaps, Blast Louvers, Jackson Flaps and Man Doors. We can also form concrete slabs, Diamond Drill pads, Electrical Cuddies and Raise Borer and Fresh Air Rise pads.

The newest piece of machinery at Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services, purposely built, is a Roboshot Midjet Mark 4 Shotcrete machine. It applies Shotcrete by remote control application, sprayed onto the surface to form Ground Support under and above ground.

Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services can provide labour and equipment hire.

Please contact our office for further information or to discuss your project requirements.  Mansell Mining and Shotcrete Services,

phone  +61 (07) 4749 1150 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mansell Mining & Shotcrete Services